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Boost Workforce Capacity to Meet Increasing Demands with Sourcepass

Finding and hiring the right people is never easy. The urgency for quality, highly-skilled IT personnel intensifies when you need extra personnel to fill temporary vacancies, meet project deadlines, or manage seasonal rushes. 

Sourcepass Staff Augmentation services help you fill temporary or long-term positions with skilled technicians and engineers who can augment your team on an as-needed or full-time basis. Our resources fit seamlessly into your projects and environment, and provide the ability to respond quickly to changes in demand without having to hire permanent resources to full-time positions.


Staff Augmentation Benefits with Sourcepass Include: 

  • Adding expertise & specific skill sets when needed
  • Reducing onboarding and training time
  • Quickly scaling personnel up or down
  • Providing staffing flexibility without adding overhead
  • Enjoying faster and more efficient force multiplication
A Sourcepass representative cordially extends a handshake to express collaboration to staff augmentation services.

Deliver Optimal Business Outcomes with Sourcepass Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is a hiring practice that involves bringing in outside talent to complement a company’s existing staff. This allows organizations to fill any skill gaps they may have without the need to hire full-time professionals.

Sourcepass clients can opt for IT staff augmentation by subcontracting one or two specialists for either full-or part-time work, or they can hire a dedicated team when a large project requires several roles.

Sourcepass provides IT staff resources as-needed, whatever expertise level you’re looking for. 
Resource experience levels range from interns to highly experienced and specialized IT Staff. Staff augmentation is a cooperation model that entails hiring extra staff from Sourcepass to fill in gaps in a client's IT department.