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Tackle and Monitor Cyber Security Threats with Sourcepass

In today's fast-moving business environment, companies are faced with a number of challenges when ensuring their employees can stay productive and secure.

Cyberthreats like phishing and ransomware are causing business to suffer real financial losses, incurring downtime, and putting data and revenues at risk. Businesses are also under increased pressure to meet compliance requirements and simply protect their company's reputation.

In addition, business and their employees are changing the way they work. Today's dynamic business environment has employees working from multiple devices, often working from home or a remote office, and embracing new collaboration tools like instant messaging and video conferencing.

Keeping up with these challenges can be a daunting task - Sourcepass is here to help.

What You Get with Sourcepass Cybersecurity:

  • Elevate your cybersecurity maturity
  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Enhance threat visibility
  • Minimize the potential risk and impact of a security incident
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations and standards
  • Protect your brand’s reputation

Complete Cybersecurity Services

Managed Security Services

Sourcepass takes a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity by offering tools, technologies, processes, and training designed to best secure your data and systems.

SOC Services

Sourcepass develops custom detections specific to your environment and has a proven track record of near real-time detection and response to improve your security posture to a level you can trust.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

Sourcepass provides the infrastructure and guidance to adhere to compliance standards specific to your industry while taking the complexity out of following regulations.

Security Assessments

Sourcepass Risk Assessments help organizations identify hidden vulnerabilities and potential gaps in security architecture, taking proactive measures to reduce risks and ensure sensitive data is secured.

Security Advisory Services

To help organizations identify and mitigate security risks, Sourcepass provides access to a dedicated cybersecurity risk advisor to help manage your risk review and remediation planning.

Vulnerability Scanning & Management

An on-going process, Sourcepass vulnerability scanning and management provides critical insights toward maintaining compliance and reducing the risk of both internal and external attacks.

Tackle and Monitor Cyber Security Threats with Sourcepass

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