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Simplify Software Licensing and Reduce Costs with Sourcepass

Obtaining the proper software licensing for your company can be confusing and costly, leading to inefficient employee onboarding and offboarding procedures, abandoned licenses to support short-term projects, and lack of proper financial and IT oversight.  

Licensing becomes difficult to track over time and businesses often miss out on key bundling, enhanced features, and cost consolidations that may come within certain license families.

Sourcepass can help by reviewing the licenses that should be assigned based on the employee's role or department. Whether your need volume licensing or software-as-a-service and subscription-based licensing, our team's expertise will help you to simplify licensing, reduce costs, and stay within the licensing guidelines of each vendor.

What You Get with Sourcepass: 

  • Licensing from Adobe, Microsoft, and other leading companies
  • Data Backup & Archiving
  • Identity Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Security & Network Management
  • Virtualization
  • Collaboration & Unified Communications
Man looking at computer.

 The Savings are Real.

A recent study of 5 million Microsoft Office 365 users reveals how companies can significantly reduce license expenses:

  • 25-35% of Office 365 Licenses are inactive or unassigned
  • Better managing inactive licenses reduce total costs by 14%
  • Companies can save an average of 30% by re-assigning licensing with the proper features

 Ongoing Monitoring Counts.

Conducting a one-time review often isn't enough. Without a normal cadence of reviews and proper management, license sprawl can creep back in and start to drive up costs and complexity again.

That's why we suggest conducting regular reviews of your company's Microsoft 365 licensing to eliminate waste and maximize savings.

Software Licensing Management by Sourcepas

Significant savings may be had by clients in both time and money by managing software licensing through Sourcepass.

Sourcepass can effectively monitor and manage licenses based on user and device count to help ensure only the number of licenses needed are maintained. 

By ensuring all software used is properly licensed, it can be kept up to date, reducing security risks associated with running unlicensed software. 

Sourcepass can also help by streamlining the procurement process, leveraging their relationships with multiple suppliers, gaining deep insight into the market, and taking advantage of reseller pricing.