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Email Filtering and Phishing


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Phishing and email fraud protection with Sourcepass

Email threats pose a significant risk to every business as cyber criminals attempt to infiltrate your system non-stop! Sourcepass email filtering provides protection by blocking spam, phishing, spoofing, zero-day attacks, and malware from your emails, catching both known and unknown threats that may otherwise be missed.

Advanced machine learning technology allows email protection to accurately classify various types of email, detecting and blocking threats while granular email filtering controls spam, bulk graymail, and other unwanted email.
To educate users as the last line of defense, phishing simulations test employees on how they would respond to a real-life phishing attack. If an employee responds incorrectly, follow-up training is assigned. The simulations are to reinforce the importance of every employee’s role in protecting your business.

Sourcepass email protection solutions can:

  • Help protect your business against advanced threats to email including phishing, business email compromise, and malware attacks

  • Provide investigation, hunting, and remediation capabilities

  • Help security teams efficiently identify, prioritize, investigate, and respond to threats

  • Educate your employees on how to avoid phishing attacks

  • Keep business critical data safe

A client confidently opening his protected email inbox at home

Email Protection for Your Business-Critical Assets

Sourcepass offers various email protection solutions to provide the best cybersecurity defense when it comes to safeguarding email. Its email filtering solution acts as the first line of defense helping to protect your business against advanced threats to email by providing robust zero-day protection. It includes features to safeguard your business from harmful links in real time by quarantining messages that seem suspicious.

As an additional level of email security, Sourcepass offers phishing simulations to test your employees knowledge from cybersecurity awareness training on how to spot a phishing email and ultimately prevent phishing attacks from succeeding. In the event that an employee falls victim to a phishing simulation, the employee will be required to take an appropriate cybersecurity awareness training to instill proper cyber hygiene and best practices.

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