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Microsoft Azure


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Public, Private, & Hybrid Solutions for Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is a platform for building, deploying, and managing cloud applications and services. By providing on-demand access to computing resources such as storage, databases, and computing power, businesses can take advantage of the scalability and reliability of cloud services while reducing large capital expenses of maintaining a traditional server and storage infrastructure.

Sourcepass partners with Microsoft Azure to provide our clients the best in public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions. Our advanced solutions provide flexible and powerful options to extend your IT environment to the cloud while achieving important compliance, security, and business continuity requirements. 

Microsoft Azure Solutions from Sourcepass Can Help You:

  • Streamline your IT needs to save time and money

  • Access your data, applications, and more from anywhere

  • Protect your data and while staying compliant with regulations

  • Enjoy uptime reliability of 99.99% or more

  • Expedite the growth and innovations of your business

Data transmitting to Sourcepass cloud servers.

Microsoft Azure Solutions by Sourcepass

Positive business outcomes achieved through the use of Microsoft Azure solutions include increased profitability, improved customer experience, increased agility, improved security, and increased innovation. Azure can help businesses reduce costs and increase revenue by providing access to scalable and cost-effective cloud services.

Microsoft Azure solutions can also help businesses improve customer satisfaction by providing faster and more reliable access to applications and services and help businesses respond more quickly to changing market conditions by providing access to flexible and scalable cloud services. Additionally, Azure provides a secure and compliant cloud environment that can help businesses protect their data and applications.