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Community Impact


We are as committed to our communities as we are to our clients.


Sourcepass believes that our commitment extends not only to our employees and clients, but to the communities in which they live and work. As a result, Sourcepass supports many local and regional charitable causes and organizations. Effective February 2023, Sourcepass has created a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Sourcepass Community impact Foundation, which has been formed with the purpose of providing donations and distributions to the other charitable and non-profit organizations, as well as supporting charitable causes and events in and around the broader communities in which our offices exist. More information regarding this organization will be provided as operations begin.


Did you know that Sourcepass offers free web hosting services to the non-profit agencies?

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This organization will allow Sourcepass to expand our giving initiatives beyond those which we could facilitate as we had in 2022 on our own. Example of Causes we supported in 2022 include but are not limited to:

Quest by Sourcepass

Release Notes

18 November 2023

We're excited to bring you the latest update to Quest, version 1.0.9. This release focuses on enhancing your experience, streamlining service support, improving our financial reporting features, and optimizing system performance. Below are the key improvements and bug fixes included in this update

  • New Module Test added
  • Sample functionality created
  • Insert Mobile responsive 

  • Custom Ticket Lines: Service & Support now features a custom ticket line for the subject in ConnectWise (CW), providing a more personalized experience. [QUEST-6669]
  • Invoice Management: Invoices are now more reliably managed, with fixes for duplicate invoice entries and update-induced resends. [QUEST-6933, QUEST-6789-BUG]
  • Company Specifics: Subsidiaries can now be added seamlessly under the USER > BILLING AND ORDERS section. [QUEST-6742]
  • Payments Process: The Invoices section has been improved to only display open available credits and unapplied payments by default. [QUEST-6910]
  • Mobile API Enhancements: Introduced API updates to set color codes for active and inactive statuses, along with the necessary database changes. [QUEST-7689]
  • New Company Defaults: For all new companies, payment settings, payment methods, and autopay flags will now be automatically activated. [QUEST-6920]

  • User Interface Fixes: Resolved various UI issues affecting application categories under Companies settings, company form usage, permissions checkboxes, and the finance report export message. [QUEST-BUG153-DEV, QUEST-BUG228-DEV, QUEST-BUG231-DEV, QUEST-BUG240-DEV]
  • Performance Improvements: Optimized the load time for contacts, significantly reducing it from over 25 seconds to a brisk experience. [QUEST-6797-V2]
  • Front-End Usability: Enhanced the application category creation process, eliminating the need to double-click icons for selection. [QUEST-BUG244-STAGING]
  • Reports Efficiency: Improved the response time of the company filter dropdown in the NetSuite Credit report section. [QUEST-6502]
  • Knowledge Base and Support: Fixed the required field validation for the Result Count in the KB Chat Bot, and resolved an issue where users could not view \"My Tickets.\" [QUEST-BUG154-Staging, QUEST-6905]
  • Dashboard Enhancements: Addressed the overlap of the Add Feedback button with the container and fixed the persistent loading issue when updating contact information with maximum characters. [QUEST-BUG256-STAGING, QUEST-BUG257-STAGING]
  • Role Management: Corrected the behavior of permission checkboxes to ensure settings are retained after saving. [QUEST-BUG245-DEV]
  • Service Ticket Assignments: Fixed a glitch where an incorrect CSM was displayed for companies when creating new tickets. [QUEST-6911]
  • Background Service: Addressed an issue with the background service affecting invoice operations. [QUEST-6928-INVOICE]

No Release Note(s) Found.

No Release Note(s) Found.